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30 March

Time to start the week with PHP!

We invite you to learn more about PHP, which is one of our thematic tracks of the  upcoming 4Developers edition! You have a special opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn from the best!

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22 March

The week with the production process from A to Z has started!

Stay tuned and follow our profile onFacebook andTwitter, where we publish the hottest news and the latest trends from the IT industry! All the published news are carefully selected and supervised by top IT specialists.

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13 March

Most of the agenda available

Front - end, UX, Expert Ladder and IT Project Management - these are the next three thematic tracks of our agenda.

Sebastian Łaciak will appear on our stage with his speech titled  “Clean JavaScript code - only dream or reality” and Aurelio de Rosa with a lecture called “People don’t give a f**k of JavaScript”. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about “A few words about the responsibility of the UX designer” by Igor Farafanow. We encourage you to take a look at the names of all the speakers in our agenda.

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11 March

Next speakers in our agenda!

Agenda of the upcoming edition of 4Developers fills up quickly! Application Architectures and JVM Languages are another thematic tracks, that will be discussed during the conference.

Anton Sorov will appear with a lecture called  Tales of two worlds”. You will also have opportunity to learn more about  “Couple of words about testing in Java, Spock and BDD” by Piotr Kiebasiński. Other topics on AppArch and JVM can be found in our agenda.

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