Program Committee

Anita Przybył

(Soft Skills & Business Relations)
Social skills trainer, graduate in psychology and employee potential management. Participant in many training courses that improving methods of working with people and supporting their development. For several years she was responsible for employee training in an international corporation. Currently a freelancer trainer. She specializes in training in social skills, including communication, team management, team building, motivating, assertiveness, emotional intelligence. She believes that being a qualified specialist is not enough, and highly developed social competences are an indispensable element of the success of people and entire organizations. In her work, she believes that everyone, regardless of their profession and environment, has a chance to develop high social competences.

Dawid Ziółkowski

Almost 10 years of IT experience as Network/System Engineer at the very beginning, DevOps in between, Cloud Native Engineer recently. I have worked at IT Outsourcing company, research institute, telco provider, hosting company and consultancy company so I gathered a lot of knowledge from different perspectives. I contribute to opensource and try to share my expertise by writing articles, organising meetups and giving talks.

Jakub Gutkowski

Dad, husband, developer, geek. Founder of devWarsztaty – free workshops, for anyone who is willing to learn and practice software craftsmanship. Loves to play with novelties, learn new languages and libraries, avid conference attender, passionate about meeting new people, always willing to help.
Microsoft MVP.
Truly believes, that what he does, changes the world and helps others.

Jakub Pilimon

(Architektury Aplikacji)
Jakub is Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal, blogger, passionate programmer and trainer. He loves to tackle complex enterprises with Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development and Spring. Being a microservice freak, architecture is his main area of interest too. When he does not program he rides motorbike, skis or grows his beard. Also, here is his DZone MVB awarded blog: pillopl.github.io

Joanna Lamch

Full breast coder, Microsoft fangir with iPad in hand, cat lady. Associated with the IT industry for many years, always around C # and Microsoft technology. A supporter of Defensive Coding, SOLID, learning through mentoring, self-development and DevOps culture. Community lover, supporting Gruba.IT, the Silesian Microsoft Group and Women in Technology Katowice. Blogger and speaker wannabe.

Dr Krzysztof Wojewodzic

Expert in the mobile market. Three applications that he co-created were downloaded by over 1 million people. He worked as a mobile consultant for companies such as the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Visting professor at the Kozminski University. Author of the best-selling online courses, in which over 1000 participants took part. Editor of the GoMobi website (http://gomobi.pl/author/krzysztof-wojewodzic/) – president of Escola S.A.

Maciej Korsan

Frontend developer with a head full of ideas and over 15 years of experience in creating creative solutions for websites. Creator of the training WTF: What this frontend. He likes to mix art with code. Or code with art – he hasn’t decided yet. CSS and photography lover. Millennium Falcon Owner (for now only from Lego).

Michał Bartyzel

(Soft Skills & Business Relations)
For ten years he has been dealing with the topic of the effectiveness of programming teams. He works on improving the architecture of the application and its refactoring as well as on improving the cooperation between the so-called business and development teams. He has worked over five hundred training and consulting days with the best programming teams in Poland. He concluded that linguistic skills were the key to Software Craftsmanship. This is true both in the area of cooperation with business and the work of the programmer, which shows in the pieces of training he develop in the field of refactoring, working with code and architecture. He included many of the techniques that he has developed in his book „Tailored Software. How to talk to a customer who does not know what he wants”. He is sharing techniques that he currently works on at numerous conferences, his blog and „Magazyn Programista” magazine.

Piotr Stapp

Programmer, engineer, craftsman, designer and cyclist, and Microsoft MVP. He uses every technology that leads to the goal. He believes in people and not in papers. He creates and designs software, but sometimes it is difficult.

Sławomir Sobótka

(Architektury Aplikacji | Bottega Innovation Labs)
He is a trainer and consultant at Bottega IT Minds. In everyday work, he integrates Domain Driven Design, Event Storming, architectural styles, agile manufacturing processes and common sense. He applies the overarching principle: recognize the problem class we are dealing with and choose the right tool class for it. His hobbies are positive psychology and cognitive science. He likes to think of himself as a Software Craftsmanship enthusiast.

Tomasz Tarczyński

Systems architect and Ops technical lead at Gigaset where the team builds a cloud native backend platform for a smart home system. Focused on shortening delivery times with adoption of DevOps culture, automation and measurements. Especially interested in the cloud native approach to engineering applications and infrastructure. Organizer of the DevOps Wrocław Meetup group and the Cloud Native Warsaw conference.